Dogging Mif fingered by a stranger through car window

Everything was great outside. The sun, the weather, the atmosphere. The only thing for people left to do that day was going into some strange car park, where they know a good dogging location could be found, and starting a fuck fest with an unsuspecting girl. That’s precisely what happened today, and we are here to bring you all the kinky details we can coming from this hot MILF.

Masturbating on a beautiful day like this alone was not going to work for our mature lady because she was feeling kind off alone and in need of attention. That’s why going to her favorite outdoor location to fuck some strangers was the best thing she could do. While in the car, she started off playing with her pussy, but quickly got joined by two dudes that wanted nothing less and nothing more but to feel her fantastic pussy and the feel they get while fingering it. She moans and enjoys the finger action coming her way, and while her deep breaths fill the insides of the car, those sexy two tits underneath her shirt are getting aroused more and more by the second.

Getting one, two, three fingers inside her wet pussy brings our mature girl to another level of satisfaction, and when she was about to spill out her pussy juices, they lifted up her shirt and found another thing to play with. Good for her, because she was about to climax, and giving the boys another thing to play with has postponed this godly feeling a bit. However, the action doesn’t stop there. Our sexy cat moans and twists her body to the left and right feeling every bit of finger action the boys were giving to her, and when the time was right, and her little masturbation adventure was over, she ejaculates and leaves them all breathless.

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