Dogging: Need To Know

Dogging slut at a Surrey sex meet dressed for the occasion.

You wouldn’t think it but us doggers have a few rules regulations etc when it comes to dogging sex. This is all in place to keep ourselves and of course yourselves at all times 🙂 Now this page is perfect for all newbie doggers and if that’s you then please read on now and learn about the dogging world and if your ready to go dogging then simply sign up to UK Sex Contacts for free today and meet local sluts and couples in your area for an outdoor public fuck.

Safe sex and dogging in general:

Always use protection, Some one might look clean but might be hiding a horrible secret!

If a lady isn’t using a rubber with her partner it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use one too.

Lube a brilliant invention and one to make your partner comfortable. 🙂

Ladies take things slow and know your limits never be forced into something you are not comfortable with.

For couples always discuss what you plan to do before going out dogging, Always have a signal/ safe word to use if you want to get yourselves out there.


Always use common sense and caution and never give out any personal information.

Never broadcast your dogging meets we don’t want any Tom Dick or Harry turning up and spoiling the fun.

Be familiar with your dogging location, Always make sure there’s at least two exits and you know where they are!

Steer clear of seedy areas for example red light areas or where the local drug dealers hang around.

Secure your valuables i.e. handbags & phones lock them in the boot or put them in the glove compartment.

When leaving dogging area drive around a couple of times to make sure you are not being followed home.